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Mini Screwdriver Set

Small pocket screwdriver set which has two conventional and two Phillips screwdriver heads. The outer housing acts as the screwdriver handle and has a magnetic port to hold the selected head in place. Colours: WhiteBlack, Translucent Black. Dimensions: W 89mm x H 19mm x 10mm. Branding Options: Pad Print-50mm x 14mm. Direct Digital -50mm x 14mm. Packing: Loose packed. Carton Dimensions: 53cm x 31cm x 15cm x Carton Quantity: 500 pieces Carton Weight: 16.30kg
From $1.21 To $1.34

Targa Multi-Tool Set

Smart seven-piece set of powder coated tools in a compact, pocket-size multi-tool. It has five different size Allen keys, a Phillips screwdriver and a conventional screwdriver. Colours: WhiteSilver, Black. Dimensions: W 32mm x L 90mm x 15mm. Branding Options: Pad Print-60mm x 12mm. Packing: Individual box. Carton Dimensions: 36cm x 26cm x 16cm x Carton Quantity: 100 pieces Carton Weight: 14.00kg
From $6.29 To $6.97

Vehicle Safety Tool

Compact multi-function metal safety tool for vehicles. It has a hammer for breaking glass, a seat belt cutter, a powerful warning light and a strong magnet for attaching it to the top of a disabled vehicle. The light uses radical COB (Chips on Board) technology which increases both the light intensity and the battery life. It has a handy woven wrist strap and is powered by one AAA battery which is included . Colours: Black. Dimensions: Dia 13mm x L 142mm x 45mm. Branding Options: Pad Print-Front - 35mm x 9mm. Pad Print-Back - 55mm x 9mm. Laser Engraving-Front - 35mm x 8mm. Laser Engraving-Back - 35mm x 8mm. Packing: White box. Carton Dimensions: 50cm x 38cm x 30cm x Carton Quantity: 100 pieces Carton Weight: 15.00kg
From $7.67 To $8.48

Multi Tool Card

Stainless steel multi-tool that is credit card size and slim enough to fit in a wallet. It features a can opener, a knife edge, a screwdriver, a ruler, a two-position wrench, a four-position wrench, a butterfly wrench, a saw blade and a direction ancillary indicator for navigation. Multi-Tool Card can be used anywhere and is ideal for outdoor activities. It laser engraves to a stainless steel finish and is presented in a compact PU sleeve. Colours: Sleeve: Black. Dimensions: Sleeve: L 81mm x W 57mm. Branding Options: Pad Print-Sleeve - 50mm x 30mm. Laser Engraving-Card - 6mm x 25mm or 15mm x 20mm x 10mm. Packing: Loose packed. Carton Dimensions: 33cm x 19cm x 15cm x Carton Quantity: 400 pieces Carton Weight: 13.00kg
From $2.01 To $2.21

Mustang Multi-Tool Key Ring

Handy six-function multi-tool with a key ring which is beautifully presented in a black gift box. It has a Phillips screwdriver, a conventional screwdriver, a bottle opener, a knife and an LED light. It uses one button cell battery which is included. Mustang laser engraves to an oxidised white colour. Colours: Black. Dimensions: L 60mm x W 29mm x 18mm (Dia 25mm ring). Branding Options: Pad Print-45mm x 8mm. Laser Engraving-8mm x 23mm. Packing: Gift Box. Carton Dimensions: 37cm x 24cm x 30cm x Carton Quantity: 100 pieces Carton Weight: 9.00kg
From $4.81 To $5.36

Gladiator Hammer Tool

Premium stainless steel multi-tool which has 12 functions and features a claw hammer. It has a birch wood hand grip, a carry pouch with a Velcro closure and a belt loop. Wood is a natural material which produces unavoidable variances in the grain pattern, colour and branding. Colours: Hammer: Natural. Dimensions: Hammer: L 140mm x W 75mm x 20mm. Branding Options: Pad Print-Hammer - 15mm x 55mm. Packing: Black pouch. Carton Dimensions: 31cm x 17cm x 22cm x Carton Quantity: 40 pieces Carton Weight: 13.00kg
From $16.74 To $18.44

Bronco Multi-Tool

Compact nine-function multi-tool with a clip which has seven tools that flip out of the main housing and lock in place. It contains four Phillips screwdrivers and four conventional screwdrivers. The tool also has a flashlight with six powerful LEDs that use two AAA batteries which are included. Colours: Black. Dimensions: Dia 44mm x L 110mm. Branding Options: Pad Print-30mm x 8mm. Packing: White box. Carton Dimensions: 52cm x 27cm x 27cm x Carton Quantity: 100 pieces Carton Weight: 19.00kg
From $6.38 To $6.72
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